July 10th, 2010

BTiLC Check into a psycho ward

Other than that… Did you enjoy Wayward Coffeehouse?

Well, I won't call the first stop on the Murder & Mayhem Tour an unmitigated disaster. It was far from it. The entire event was a success. Really. Tons of people showed up, drank good coffee, participated in the raffle and enjoyed the music. No, the only actual disastrous part about the event was the reading. My reading in particular.

I have a soft voice. It was an unfamiliar mic. Wayward Coffeehouse (which I adore) was packed to the gills… with no AC… and lots of equipment. So, it was about 100 degrees up at the front. I read three vignettes from the collection and did not realize until after I was done that no one past the 3rd row could hear me until the second story. (Rory, I did get a huge laugh at "Then I'd get perky stuck in my teeth…" line.) After that, the audience was more engaged.

Seanan, who realized just how disastrous reading would be after I was done, decided to forego her TEoP reading in favor of a bright, cheerful family story. I totally don't blame her. It was high energy and she has no problem commanding a room.

Lessons learned:
• Readings and music don't mix that well unless you are reading AND singing.
• Your friends will jump through hoops for you even if they are miserable. (Thank you, Lily, Heather, Drew, Ron.)
• Good coffee is worth a lot.
• Sometimes, it is best to flee early.
• My husband is awesome.

Broenwynn, the owner of Wayward Coffeehouse, has already invited me back for an author's only event. Having done readings there before for Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, I know author events are successful. I will take her up on the offer. I will probably drag another author friend along for the ride, too. We'll see.

On the good side of things, it was so nice to see the people I knew and see them enjoying themselves. I also got to meet a couple of editor-authors, Phil and Sandy; I'd wanted to meet them for a long time. I got to see Jen and Jessie, too. So, all in all, I had a good time.

Plus, the San Francisco leg of the tour cannot be any worse. I am secure in this knowledge. It is at Borderlands, is just a reading and there will be an alien kitty, Ash. If you love me at all, and live in the Bay Area, you will come to the second leg of the Murder and Mayhem Tour and make my month. There will be cupcakes.