July 8th, 2010


Ordering "In a Gilded Light"


For those of you ordering "In a Gilded Light: 105 Tales of the Macabre," I have personally confirmed the shipping issue of charging too much has been dealt with. There was a code problem of Paypal adding in an additional shipping fee. I've gone through the process and shipping is the stated $3.40.

Thanks for your patience. I appreciate it. You may now buy my book without fear of being overcharged.

Conversations with the Husband

"Ya know, it's good that I'm functionally crazy."

"Functionally crazy? How?"

"I just took off my socks and it was immediately so much cooler but I just can't make myself go out into public in my sandals. You know, in case of an apocalypse."

"Ah, I see. No open-toed shoes for the apocalypse."


"You could just put an extra pair of shoes in the car."

"With socks."

"Yeah. With socks."

"No… can't do it. No guarantee that I could get back to the car to get the shoes."

"Point. Can't always get to you car during an apocalypse. What about a natural disaster?"

"Same deal."

"It's a problem."