May 16th, 2009


BayCon 2009 Schedule

I have one! Come say hello.

Friday 2pm Layfette – Opening Ceremonies
Come help us officially open the 27th BayCon. The Bold Explorer, Chairman Tycho, will share stories of the search for Pyrocumulon and our Guests of Honor will share their impressions of the city.

Friday 8pm Grand Ballroom – Meet the Guests
Come celebrate the triumphant return to the Lost Sky City of Pyrocumulon! Join us as we rediscover all the wonders, sights, and creatures that once inhabited this magical city. Meet the Guests of Honor! Listen as our Toastmistress Jennifer Brozek tells anecdotes of the stories her grandmother used to tell her about the lost sky city of her ancestor's day. We celebrate together on this, our return to Pyrocumulon.

Saturday 2:30pm Alameda – Interview: Jennifer Brozek
Come see the BayCon 2009 Toastmaster as she engages in verbal sparring with a former BayCon Toastmaster. The sparks and witticisms will fly.

Saturday 8pm Grand Ballroom – Masquerade
Welcome to the Imaginarium, where anything is possible. Join us as we showcase the creativity and costuming talents of our members.

Sunday 1pm Stevens Creek - What's Your Zombie Plan?
The dead will rise. We all know it's coming. What's your plan? Our panelists have all put serious thought into this issue, so come and pick their brains.

Sunday 2:30 Bayshore West – Reading: Jennifer Brozek
This is my first ever live reading of my work. I will be reading "The Cost of Job Security" from my chapbook collection "Mastication." More if there is time.

Monday 3:30 Layfette – Closing Ceremonies
Join the Chairman and our Guests of Honor as we bid a tearful farewell to Pyrocumulon. Those with sharp ears may even pick up hints of next year's destination.