January 12th, 2009


TEoP Slushpile and stuff...

TEoP Slushpile Scorecard for 2009
  • 36 total submissions

  • 35 total submissions read.
  • 29 total rejections.
  • 02 total submissions kept for rereads ('maybe' reactions).
  • 04 total "Yes!" responses.

  • 01 submissions to go.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has already voted in the Preditors and Editor poll for The Edge of Propinquity on the Fiction E-zine page. According to their tally we are in 4th place. As for the Fiction E-zine Editor, I'm in 11th and, at this point, I'm just happy to be nominated.

    Please keep voting. Polls close on the 14th. Your support is appreciated.