December 6th, 2008


Interesting… In the Chinese Sense

Today has been a day. I woke up with my knee tweaked so bad that I almost fell on the way to the bathroom in the morning. I went back to bed, and Esme decided it was a good idea to sleep on the lower part of my thigh, next to my knee, making it hurt worse. I've spent most of the sitting and trying to not fall over. I'll be in my leg brace tonight for game.

Then, we had the groomer over to groom all the cats. But, he accidentally let Esme out. Jeff and I had to chase her. We got her. It's a good thing we have adrenaline. I couldn't feel what I was doing to my leg or how bad Esme's bites were. She mauled me. So bad that I had blood streaming down my arm and dripping all over the floor and her. She got my knuckles and my fingers on my left hand and six deep puncture wounds on my right forearm. She got Jeff on both of his hands.

So, I'm showing up to game in a leg brace and bandages. Ross suggested I show up like that IC. I mentioned it to one of the STs and *presto* my character was in a regular old car accident. Some bozo ran a red light and hit Madison's car (oh, her poor Mercedes). She's starting the game with a couple of lethal wounds and not healing immediately in order to protect the big M. Should be fun.

But, you know, I'm really ready to not be hurting anymore.