December 5th, 2008

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Dream: Seanan, Zombies and a Convention, Oh My!

Me: Remind me to tell you about the zombie dream I had that had you in it.

Seanan: Oh?

Me: This is my note for it: 1. CONVENTION DREAM – ZOMBIE – SCHOOL – SEANAN

Seanan: WIN.
Seanan: I <3 dreams.

Me: Short version: Convention held in a school. Zombie attack broke out in the gym at one of the dances. I wasn't there. Putting on a costume. These are fast moving and semi-intelligent zombies. As in at least one can talk. Cue lots of running down empty school hallways with zombies eating people behind closed doors.

Seanan: That RULES.

Me: Then, I figure out how to fool them. I cover myself in blood and pretend to be one. I come to rescue you. I find you and explain that you are my prey and if we come across zombies, I will have to bite you. It will hurt but it will save our lives (dream within a dream flash to an example of me tearing a hunk of your shoulder off and dragging you away, saving us from zombies). You were just fine with this. And, basically, I manhandled you, controlling you by the neck through hallways until we got out of the school and escaped. I was COVERED in blood. It was a good dream.

Seanan: I think I adore your dreams.
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Because I told Sylvan I would...

This is the poem I won an award for.


Pretty words fall like golden coins,
Excite the senses, stir the loins.
We play the ageless courtship dance,
Bat the eye, take the chance.

Secret words, hidden meanings,
Valuable information gleanings.
Circles within circles and games within games.
Find the answers, know the names.

Poetic words reveal the plot.
Tangled webs, don't get caught.
Capture the prey that we've sought.
Play the strings as they ought.

But still, as we each play our role,
Do we touch more, within the soul?
Flirting gesture, meaningful touch,
Moving closer, feeling much.

When you flirt and how you tease,
I need to know, tell me please.
Pretend attraction, that is your part.
But is that your character speaking, or your heart?