November 24th, 2008


Conversations with the Husband

[Very late last night as we settled down to sleep.]

Me: Honey?

Him: Yeah?

I'm a GURPS character*. I just really realized what that means.


Yeah. And, outside of the main cast of Casey & Andy**… I don't know anyone else who is a GURPS character. I even have a pocket dimension… uh…. white board.

It's pretty cool.

Yeah. I guess. I should send you the PDF and have you print it at work. Then you can say, "Look! That's my wife. She's got GURPS stats.


[Long silence]

I've never played GURPS. I've heard character creation is hard.

It can be a beast.

I wonder if I'm a cool character based on my stats***. I really have no idea.

Me neither, honey.

*"Casey & Andy is a GURPS supplement put out by Steve Jackson Games.

**"I" was a sidekick character for this science based webcomic. In real life, I did live with Casey once. They did talk about ninjas and they did often build stuff in the livingroom or garage.

*** I looked "me" up again. I am a 200 point character. I have no idea if that is good or not.