August 28th, 2008

Field Trips 98021

Princess Author Returns to the Land of Dana Street

Only, the princess (me), is wearing a t-shirt with a dragon on it with the text of "Curl up with a good book." Ye Gods and little fishes, it was 87 degrees at 10:30am. Thank goodness for Dana Street Café's AC and fabulous iced lattes. After a tour of the internet, this author is going to redline THE THIEF'S MISTAKE as it has been 3-4 months since I really looked at it. I'm doing this in prep for writing THE ACOLYTE'S SACRIFICE next in September. I suppose around 1-1:30pm, I will wander over to Sono Sushi or Chef Liu's for lunch. If you are in the area and are so inclined, come by and say "hi!"

36 pages down, 190 to go.

Now I understand why taking 3-4 months away from a manuscript is good for redlining. This is going to take longer than expected but that's OK. However, now is time for sushi. Then, off to the hotel. Then CON!!!