August 26th, 2008


Conversations with the Husband

"Comforter trumps blanket." I said, referring where the kittens prefer to sleep.

"Like rock trumps scissors." He said.


"And flaming space cow beats both scissors and rock." *pause" "What beats a flaming space cow?"

"A collection of Game Masters?"


"What trumps them?"

"Food." He said.

"What if one is lactose intolerant?"

"I'd say that really trumps them then."

"Ok. What trumps food?"

"Sex." He is decisive.

"True but children, 'Daddy's little cockblockers' trump sex."

"What trumps children?"


"Nah. They trump everything."

"Baby animals?"

"Yes. Baby animals. What trumps them?"

"A wood chipper." This time, I was decisive.

"That's why I love you. Oh, and a rock trumps the wood chipper."

"We've come full circle."


"Good night, love."

"Night night, darling."

*Yes, we really do have conversations like this. This was last night's.
Field Trips 98021

Six hours to go...

I am all packed and just about ready to go except for the last minute items and the packing of the cooler. As soon as I'm done with this, the computer gets packed up, too, and off to bed I go. 3am is very early. I will post via TXTLJ along the way to aiglet's place where I will spend an evening with her and cadhla before making it to the convention. See you all soonish.