July 29th, 2008

Warning Chaotic System

Conversations with the Husband

"I fixed the window in the laundry room."

"It was broken?"

"Broken like the upstairs bathroom window is broken but not as bad. The tab wasn't broken. Just stuck." *pause* "I need to pull the tab out of the upstairs bathroom window altogether."

"Ah, I see. Taking the fire alarm approach, are we?"

"Yes. That's totally going to be a new euphemism - taking the fire alarm approach on something." *laugh* "You know, I'm surprised you didn't blog about that."

"I was too busy being sick, tired and dealing with a sick kitten. I had other things on my mind to blog about than what you did to the fire alarm.*"

"Makes sense."


"You realize I'm totally going to blog about this conversation."

"Oh, yeah."

*Day 8 of being sick and day 6 of dealing with Pharaoh and the Eaten Toy, I had gone to the hospital the day before and been told that I needed a lot more rest than I was getting. We still had 5am medicine to give Pharaoh and generally, neither I nor my husband were getting enough sleep. So, at 2am, when the fire alarm started randomly going off (it had done this once before), Jeff went and got the hedge clippers. The offending fire alarm was at the top of the vaulted ceiling above the stairs and almost impossible to get to. He knocked the top off it, wedged the clippers under it and cut the two wires running into the house. No more randomly firing fire alarm. Ever. We went and got a series of new battery fire alarms the next day. We have no idea what this will do to the burglar alarm when we turn it on. However, drastically 'fixing' something in a damaging fashion will forever been known as 'taking the fire alarm approach.'