July 20th, 2008


Adventures with Kittens - Pharaoh Update 5

The timeline for yesterday and today...

12:30pm - Regular vet visit. Pharaoh looks good. Vet looks him over. Looks the incision over. Perfect.

8:30pm - I notice the incision looks a little red.

9:00pm - Jeff gets home and I tell him not to take the cone off the Pharaoh. He looks at Pharaoh and says, "I'm taking him back to the emergency vet." I look and about half of the incision has popped open.

10:0pm - Jeff is home with Pharaoh. None of the interior stitches were harmed. The vet re-glued the incision back together.

3:30am - I get home.

4:00am - I hear licking and discover Isis has Pharaoh on his back and is licking his belly. It looked like just the lower half but Isis gets punted from the room.

11:00am - Jeff and I talk. We decide to take the advice of a friend and we do Collapse )