July 17th, 2008



4 of 21 doses of medicine given to Pharaoh. This is going to be a long week.

1 of 7 days of being a headcone kitty. This is going to be a REALLY long week.

5 hours of sleep gotten in the last 24.

1 nap taken because I couldn't stay awake.

2 of 5 days of antibiotics taken.

2 doses of cough syrup taken. My throat still hurts.

10 hours of Pharaoh meowing to have the head cone taken off. (He's sleeping the other 14.)

3000 words written on my jilted lover revenge story set in a post apocalyptic zombie world. Draft zero completed.

2 stores that Jeff has called from because he is indulging me with cake but not finding the white cake with vanilla icing I want. I totally owe him one next time he's sick.