July 16th, 2008



Pharaoh - out of surgery, doing well enough but there is a small chance of fluid in his lungs. We will visit him today as, most likely, he will be there one more night.

Me - sick. Still. Bad enough that I called the hospital for an appointment. They are calling me back. I hope they call soon. This sore throat and swelling uvula is for the birds.

Jeff - worried but good.

House - a mess but still standing

Work - is work

How I'm coping? 1700 words on a jilted lover revenge story set in a post apocalyptic zombie infested world.
Warning Motivation Hazard

Not strep but close enough

Just got back from the hospital. I don't have strep throat from what they can tell but the symptoms and pains are close enough that they are treating me for it anyway. Of course, my nurse practitioner suggested that I don't wait a week next time. My antibiotics run for the next five days.

Oh, and I just got paid for Chill. This check, of course, is dedicated to paying for my wayward, toy-eating kitten.

Adventures with Kittens - Pharaoh Update 3

Pharaoh is home!

He is to be a conehead kitty for the next week. This will be hilarious but we will not laugh.

He is taking his medicine like a champ.

He is a mess. OMG, I didn't know Hospital Kitty had a smell. He does. I hope Isis bathes him. Everything but the stitches.

No running, jumping or playing for at least a week. This means he is to be locked up in my office with me. He gets his medicine every 8 hours. He can't eat or drink for an hour before or after the medicine. He also needs to be fed every 60-90 minutes.

It is going to be a LONG week.

But, my baby is home.