July 14th, 2008


And back to the vet again

Back to the vet. Pharaoh is no better. Now I'm worried. Any good vibes for my kitten are appreciated.

(This one goes under "Adventures with Kittens" AKA "What the hell did you eat this time?")

Adventures with Kittens - Pharaoh

Sunday morning, around 11am, Pharaoh vomited bile. I though, "Hmm. Kitten might have a hairball." So, I gave him petrimalt. And I thought all was well. Around 3pm, he threw up again... and again around 5:30pm. This last time, it had bits of plastic that looked suspiciously like the innards of a toy mouse. At 8pm, he refused to eat. Cue worried glances. Around 11pm, we saw him drinking and that was a good sign. I told Jeff, "If he's not eating and not playing tomorrow, off to the vet he goes."

11:30pmish, Pharaoh made that distressed yarking meow announcement of "I AM NOT HAPPY" that we have not heard since the first week we had him. Up came all the water he drunk 30 minutes before.


I'm on the computer looking for a 24 hour emergency vet. There is only one in the Seattle area and they are close by. I called them and they told me to bring him in. So, off we come with cat in carrier, books in tow for a midnight visit.

The result of that is that Pharaoh has a suspicious mass/gas/bubble/THING in his intestines that cannot be easily identified and in the second set of x-rays, it seems to be moving. So, fluid under the skin and some cat pepicide to calm his tummy with orders of no food or water for at least 4-6 hours. Then little water at a time, etc. Call in the morning for results of x-rays.

Bed at 2am. Cue that distressed yarking bark/meow and vomiting all over the bedroom floor at 5am. I'm up at 9am to call about the x-rays. He is listless, not wanting to play and generally unhappy. I call the emergency vet, tell them the situation and discover they haven't had time to get the results from the x-rays from the East coast. They tell me to bring Pharaoh back in.

And, here I am, in a cold room with an unhappy kitten who looks tired and uncomfortable.

I know how he feels.

20 minutes later...

Pharaoh is purring and trembling. I've never seen him do that. The doctor just came in and said that it does appear to be something in his intestines. She says the trembling is a sign of pain and the licking of the lips was a sign of nausea. So, what they're going to do is IV fluids to try to "float" it out. I should know if this will work by 5pm. If not, surgery. Jeff and I have authorized this. We've spent $1000 on Pharaoh in the last two days and it will be more. Guess it's a good thing I paid off the carpet. That 'extra' money now goes to my sick kitty.

20 minutes later...

Home now. Isis is calling and calling and calling for her brother. Her wails hurt me. I want him home, too. I'm a lot messed up over this. Pharaoh is my baby.

Adventures with Kittens - Pharaoh Update

Good news - He's not throwing up and the mass has moved more.

Bad news - Needs to stay overnight. No bowel movements. Still nauseated.

Next up - Call tomorrow between 10am and 12pm to determine if an ultrasound and/or surgery is needed. The hope is that the mass will "float" out with all the IV fluids.

Isis is back to wailing for her brother. I know how she feels.