June 30th, 2008


Cute Puppies for Sale in Utah

My mother-in-law breeds miniature poodles. They are just too cute for words. She has 3 males and 3 females for sale. If you are interested, take a look at the ads below. Obviously, these guys are well taken care off. I've seen where they live.

Male poodles

Female poodles

I grew up with poodles and they are a great family dog.

Feel free to repost where you like.

The Red... It Haunts Me

Not a lot of you know this but my Mom edits 90% of my fiction work before it sees professional eyes outside mine. Today, she returned the FFF manuscript. I opened it up with true anticipation. She had already made some good comments about it. Then, I got to the first page.

It looked like she had slaughtered something on it. The red corrections and comments covered the page.

My heart sank for a moment. Then, I sighed and got to work.

It's all for the best but the red edit marks made by my mom's virtual pen haunt my writing nightmares from time to time.