June 24th, 2008



I broke my printer yesterday.

"I" as me.

"broke" as in did something really stupid that I knew I should not have done but did it anyway in a fit of pique.

"my printer" as in the thing that isn't used that often but when it is, it is really, really needed.

"yesterday" as in the day that I received a number of important things that needed printing... yesterday.

Luckily, my husband, seeing my insanity and my pique immediately insisted that we go today to buy me a new printer. He was seriously suggesting that we (as in him) buy me a new computer, too. But, I'm not ready for that... yet. Soon. Though, there was a sweet little but powerful computer ... but no. Not yet.

So, printer (scanner, copier, faxer and scan-email-faxer) bought and set up. The first thing I printed was the official Grants Pass contract from Morrigan Books.

Somehow, that made it all better.

Though, I'm still holding my breath on the ballsy thing I did last week.