June 13th, 2008


BPAL Reviews

Previous BPAL Reviews and my Summary page of all reviews for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents.

Scent: Calico Jack
Description: Sea air, driftwood, waterlogged kelp, and the memory of plundered spices sprayed over worn leathers, rough musk, and the salty wooden floorboards of the Revenge.
Thoughts: This was a freebie imp and it is an interesting scent. I like the leather/musk combination but I really think it would smell much better on a man than me.
Buy: No.

Scent: Carnal
Description: Bold, bright mandarin paired with the sweet, sensual earthiness of fig.
Thoughts: It is very sweet but the fig cuts into it a bit. Not a bad scent but not a great scent. It becoming cloying to me the longer I wear it.
Buy: No

Scent: Cockaigne
Description: “The weather is always mild, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth.” The Land of Plenty, also called Luilekkerland – the Lazy, Luscious Land: milk and honey, sweet cakes and wine.
Thoughts: This is a very food-like scent. The honey is way too strong for me. Too sweet. Not enough warmth or spice.
Buy: No.

Scent: Dragon's Blood
Description: Powerful, commanding, blazing with strength.
Thoughts: Warm and sensual. Not too sweet. This is a great nighttime or date scent. It would also be a great signature character scent.
Buy: Keep the imp

Scent: Eat Me
Description: Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants.
Thoughts: This turned out to be a delicate scent on me. It's good for an afternoon in the sun or something like that.
Buy: Keep the imp

Scent: Eternal
Description: Though they go mad they shall be sane, // Though they sink through the sea // they shall rise again; // Though lovers be lost love shall not; // And death shall have no dominion.
Thoughts: This is a very light and floral scent on me. It fades away to nothing very, very quickly. There isn't even a powder scent left behind. There's nothing eternal about it.
Buy: No
Grants Pass

No Zombie Apocalypse For Me

I will not be blogging as if there were a zombie apocalypse going on outside my window. If there was, Apocalypse Girl would have grabbed her husband and her supplies from the apocalypse closet (yes, I have one) and holed up in a safe, secure location.

Mostly I'm not blogging like it was the zombie apocalypse because I'm too busy. Ya'll have fun, though!