May 29th, 2008


Conversations with the Husband

"You appear to be uber-chopped liver* tonight," he said to me without the slightest bit of insult.

"I know. I just don't get it. Isis is your cat. Pharaoh is clearly a momma's boy and Esme hates the other two but they all want to sleep on top of me."

"You've always been chopped liver when it comes to the bed. They prefer your nooks and crannies to mine."

"Nooks and crannies, eh?"

"Yep and I don't blame them. I'd rather sleep with you, too."

*Occasionally, the kittens will shun one of us for the other. We decided the shunned one could not be "chopped liver" because every cat I know would be on that like white on rice. Thus, the preferred human servant is the "chopped liver" for the moment.