May 22nd, 2008


Bumhug? Maybe.

After much consideration, I've decided not to bring any costumes down to BayCon with me. Not even my wedding outfit. Reason being? I'm going to be in CA for four days and for two of those days, I'm going to be there only half days and traveling the other half of the day. My husband is not coming, so he won't be there to match me and with the new restrictions and charges on bags on the airplanes, I'd just assume not take more than is needed.

In truth, this is a working convention. Not a playing one. I need to treat it as such. This isn't to say I won't play. I plan on a bit of that. I have the Ji Dian LARP and some panels I want to go to and some friends I want to see.

I suppose I will have to make up for it at GenCon and Conquest.