May 13th, 2008

I am not a Number Paroled

Product, Insane, Productively Insane?

After working 10 hours on both a contract and my manuscript yesterday, I looked at my husband, after spending a couple hours with him for dinner and TV, and said, "I think I want to go back upstairs and work for a couple more hours." Then I realized it was 10pm.

Then I went upstairs and worked for two more hours anyway.



Productively insane?

You decide. All I know is I managed to get a project that I thought was going to take me a minimum of 12 hours done in 8 and I'm happy to have it off my plate. The rest of the day is manuscript work. Tomorrow starts more Amazon work and Thursday I have my first actual meeting with the Microsoft folks I'm going to vendor for. It is going to be a good week.

Plus, the maids my husband promised me are here. They are doing a great job. The kittens are hiding. Esme is asleep next to me.