April 18th, 2008

My 2 Cents

OK... So the weather people were right.

We had flurries and snow earlier but it is hailing so hard that the everything is turning white. I'm sure it will melt but this is some darned impressive hail.

5 minutes later... and it is slowing and melting... but it was damned impressive with the "skies opening up" thing it did.


OK. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab now has Steampunk oils! It is time for me to get my BPAL on and if you are local to me, I am willing to order your stuff along with mine and share the shipping cost. However, you need to get me your order list by next week Thursday - April 24th - and be able to pay me by May 6th. Preferably, you will pay me when you give your order.

Edit - After looking at the shipping prices, I am going to say, add $2 to your order for shipping, no matter what you buy.