April 2nd, 2008

I am not a number!

Work, work, work...

New job is interesting. Glad I'm hired to work on the software and not do the actual job the software is used for.

Big Amazon gig is done for now but I'm starting on the next big part.

TEoP story is almost done.

Trying to keep on top of cleaning the house. The kitchen is clean now. After the kittens attacked a Costco sized box of ramen packages - they managed to get out two ramen packages, open them, destroy them, scatter the ramen and favor packages. I'm constantly amazed what these destructive balls of cute get into.

Now that I have two jobs (and a couple pending writing gigs) all I want to really do is work on the second part of Regresser's Evolution. Isn't it always the way?

Conversations with kittens...

Holy Toledo! What the hell did you guys do?

No, I won't feed you. I don't care if I'm in the kitchen. Look at this mess.

No, don't play with it. I have to clean it up.

Yes, this is Mr. Broom. It won't hurt you.

No, don't bite it!


No. No. NO!!

Thank you.

No, I won't feed you. It's morning. You get fed at night.

Yes, you're cute. No, I won't feed you. You aren't starving.

Hi Esme!

No, don't hiss at them. It's OK, Esme-girl.

Oh, Pharaoh, leave her tail alone. You'll regret it. Seriously, kitten...

I told you so.

Kittens, c'mere. Leave Esme alone.