February 11th, 2008

Jareth Pissy


Someone needs their ass handed to them for giving me this cold. It hit hard last night, includes all kinds of sinus pain, coughing and a sore throat. As El Camino pointed out there are only 96 hours until CCOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNN!

And I'm sick.

Fortunately, I finished my Amazon gig early and all I'm going to do between now and then is pack, read (IE: Work - reading books I need to read for my next Margaret Weis Production contract), publish TEoP and sleep. Oh, and drink lots of water. I do not want to be Patient Zero of the Con Crud for DDC this year.
Gamer Dice

Well, nice. Very nice.

MWProduction Editor: "Margaret and I want to put together a "[Censored] Development Team" that would immerse ourselves in the world, be the primary writers for the [sic - this brand new product] game material next year, and also be the leaders in a [censored] effort that would launch next year. There is a very short list of people we wanted to invite, and you're one of them."

Well, hot dog. New product. Ground floor. Primary writer on the development team. NDA required (of course).