January 20th, 2008

My 2 Cents

After Cloverfield...

Me: "So, honey... I'd really like to be able to say, that if a rampaging monster were to attack the city..."

Him: "Not gonna happen."

Me: "What?"

Him: "Not gonna happen. Don't even think about it."

Both: *laughter*

Me: "So, you would be one of those people running across the city to save me?"

Him: "Yes but I'd like to think I'd be smarter about it."

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I really enjoyed the movie. It's the best modern day monster movie I've seen. It wasn't too long. They didn't overly explain anything. It really was a great "reality" apocalyptic type movie. I'm also glad I took Dramamine before the movie. There was only one part that made me a little queasy. I don't know if the Dramamine helped or not but it certainly did not hurt.

Also, I do have to agree with cmpriest... once you have a crowbar, you should keep it. It would have come in handy. Any gamer knows that.