January 8th, 2008


Ugh... Morning.

8:30am - Jeff's cell phone rings. It's the carpet dudes... They are at my condo, ready to go. Contractor #2 is (still) there and will let them in. So much for my one hour notice and why the hell didn't they call my phone.

8:40am - In the car, rush hour traffic. Huh. It snowed in some places from the looks of the cars.

8:45am - Left polite but annoyed message with the carpet dude sales guy letting him know that I Am Not Pleased.

8:50am - Contractor #1 calls. Apologizes for the delay. Tells me the condo is almost done. I tell it was alright because his contractor was there to open the door for the carpet dudes. Contractor #1 is surprised. Contractor #2 shouldn't be there. Everything except for the little things should be done. I tell him Faboo Real Estate guy and I will inspect the place and send him an email as to what still needs to be done.

8:57am - Faboo Real Estate guy calls. We confab. We will walk through the condo when the carpet dudes are done.

9:23am - Arrive at condo. It is still a mess from Contractor #1. Carpet dudes are happily and efficiently putting carpet padding (the upgraded stuff) all over the house. I check the phone numbers. My cell number is wrong. Two digits reversed. Partly my bad. Carpet dudes are smarter than the Carpet Office people. They just called the second number on the paperwork. They'll be done by 2pmish.

9:42am - Arrive at SoulFoods.

9:46am - Get my first sip of too-good-for-words coffee and a buy a pesto bagel. I'm the only customer in the shop. It's pretty cool. Clint and I chat. Then, I settle down to work... But first, a journal entry for commiseration.