December 22nd, 2007


Working, Working, Working... Travel

I've been working my little heart out on the last of my Chill 3rd Edition RPG contract. I've written the first draft of 20,000 words in the last week. That's why I've been pretty quiet all the way around. I've got to get this stuff finished and polished by the 31st. And I will, too. I'm taking my laptop to North Carolina with me. I will be working every day that I'm there. I've warned my family of this. I'm pretty sure that Mom will let me hole up in her office to get stuff done. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with what I've come up with. Let's hope my editors and co-authors will enjoy it, too.

I'm traveling to North Carolina tonight on a red-eye flight. I'll officially arrive there tomorrow at 2:05pm east coast time. We have a layover in JFK but it is long enough of one that I'm not that worried about my bags not making it from one plane to the other. I have no idea on the status of the internet connectivity out there. Last time I was in NC, it seemed pretty backwater to me as compared to the Silicon Valley. Thus, no idea if I'll be able to read LJ or even check email. Voice posts might occur.

If not, Happy Holidays to you all!

PS: I need a new travel icon. I now live in the 98021 zip code. Any volunteers?