November 21st, 2007


On the road again...

Jeff and I are about to take off for Utah! This promises to be an interesting trip. I'll try to voice post along the way - if it decides to be nice you all will get to hear about our trip. Have a happen Turkey Day!

Idaho... Paradise? Uh, No.

We're here in Utah. The drive was pretty good barring the near death experience 15 miles into the trip. No. Not kidding. There was a crashed car in the middle of the dark freeway on I-90E. We saw it because a truck pulled over and, at the last second, I noticed a single white light in the middle of my lane. It was one of the reverse lights still on. I swerved at the last moment, adrenalin hitting my system like a ton of bricks. I got so amp'd, so quickly, that details of the crashed car came back to me over the next 15 minutes while I shook and drove. (Things like the front left quarter of the car crumpled, the wheel missing.)

Other than that, there was a some fog to contend with but it was all easily navigated. The worst part of the trip was how boring the drive was. I tried to do an LJ post from Deadman's Pass in Oregon but I had no signal. From there, we passed Hell's Canyon, Black Canyon, Bliss, Heaven, Paradise and Eden. All in Idaho. All looking exactly the same. I could never live in Idaho. Utah at least has some fascinating geological features.

Met with Jeff's parents briefly. They welcomed me with open arms. I'm pleased. Tomorrow, I get to meet their new poodle puppies. Having grown up with poodles, I see much romping with the cuties.