October 22nd, 2007

Warning Self Replicating Device

Five Days Later and Doing Fine

Five days after contracting viral gastro-enteritis, I have made an almost complete recovery. My temperature is a nice, normal 98.6 degrees. I'm able to eat solid food and the tummy cramps have leveled off to the background pain of less than PMS cramps. I'm hoping the cramps will be gone altogether soon. But, it is nice not to be on pain medicine and eating solid food again. Though, now I'm feeling tiny pain and soreness in my hand where they had the IV. It's a little odd. 4 days, no pain in the hand then, suddenly, ow! Tiny pains can be more distracting than big ones because I don't take medicine for them.

Go Me!

I just finished writing up both the November and December Kendrick TEoP stories! Each rang in at about 4000 words each. I finished November yesterday and December today. I'm very satisfied at how the story arc turned out this year and how everything is being set up for next year.