August 19th, 2007

Gamer Dice

"I stand as well in the dark as I do in the light."*

Last day of GenCon. It's been a good trip for grips and grins. Lots of good leads for future RPG work. Funny that I had to travel across the country to meet people from companies that are HQ'd scant miles from me (WotC, Paizo, CatLabs).

Still sick. Getting better. Plane trips tomorrow morning ought to be exciting for my ears. Jeff has been awesome through all this. I do my grips and grins, then as soon as I'm out of sight, I collapse and he takes over. At one point he said, "You know sweetie, when you're focused, you really don't seem that out of it." It was cute. Especially since I've been in a "Tree pretty. Fire bad." state of mind for most of the trip.

Thinking of exciting, I may have some very good news on the Grants Pass anthology front in a few days.

*No context for you.