June 21st, 2007


I guess I am.

"You're the author, right?"

"Yes." I said it with a smile and without hesitation. The girl, a receptionist at the place I go for therapy, began to burble at me and I smiled, listening. Later, I pondered that small event. People have a fascination with authors. I'm not sure why. I knew once. Before I became one. But now, writing is my job and it isn't that glamorous even if it is fun. Most of the time, I sit on my butt with my head in the clouds and my fingers on the keyboard.

My writing docket has picked up a whole lot recently.

  • Personal writing: My novel, the Edge of Propinquity, Freaky Friday Fiction
  • FanPro: More editing on Degenesis
  • Otherworld Creations: Design work and writing on 3rd Edition Chill: Into the Unknown

  • Fading Suns book
  • Margaret Weis Productions book
  • Edited version of Regresser's Evolution
  • Review of 1st Round Readers for The Old Woman in the White Cadillac

    Yeah. I guess I am the author.