February 12th, 2007


Snippet from last night.

Me: I've absolutely got to get my Gen Con tickets today so I can get my hotel reservations tomorrow.

Aleece: You mean there's a convention just for "Jennifer"s?

Me: *pause* Oh my. You are so cute. No. It's a gaming convention that started in Lake Geneva. Thus, Gen - Con.

Aleece: Oh, I know. But it was the only thing I could think of to say.

Now, back to work prepping the Feb TEoP issue.

Btw - I am only skimming LJ right now. So, if there is something important you need to ping me on, email me or call. Thanks.

Gen Con Hotel

Ok. I got my membership and my hotel but the hotel is only a King and is from the 16th until the 20th of August. It has taken me almost 2 hours to get this reservation due to computer snafus and such. I'm at the Westin which is connected to the Convention Center. That's nice. That's what I wanted.

Last year, we had four people in this size room - two in the bed, two on the floor. I get a spot on the bed this year but I have some floor space available for those who might be interested. I recommend bringing a single sized aero mattress.

For those who want to get rooms, get them now and expect to get to check in on the 16th.
Wake Up

The Inside Man

The Short Version: Fabulous storytelling. Hated the movie and all of the characters in the movie. This paradox is making me think. More later.