January 27th, 2007


Roland is back online!

I have Roland up and running now. He is a skeleton of what he once was. Now comes the task of completely rebuilding him. It is slow going but the initial surgery seems to be a success.
Impossibly geeky

Ladies and Gentlemen, Roland is back!

I am posting to you from Roland and I believe I finally have him back up and running. My WS_FTP program is giving me some grief but I have 30 days to sort that out. Otherwise, I believe I've got all my stuff back. I even found an old backup of my bookmarks page! Hot dog! It only took me 6 hours to go from a blank hard drive to back to my full set up. I don't want to do that again any time soon.

That Larry guy at Dell was VERY helpful. Sent me an email with lots of driver links and such to make sure I was up and running correctly. So, now, I believe I can start doing my regular work on Roland. I will be using the desktop I'm getting as my mirror for just in case purposes.

For the record... Abney Park was the first music played. Novel #1 was the first document opened. YIM was the first IM client installed.

Oh, yes. And, after I got Windows working, I spilled my entire glass of soda on my desk. That computer was picked up and off the desk before the glass finished falling.