January 21st, 2007

I think about fucking you all the time

A word. My kingdom for a word!

I was speaking about words to someone. These words were: Evolution and Devolution. I had asked what the scientific name of Evolutionary stasis (or balance - neither evolving or devolving) was called. They had given me an answer but I can't remember what that word was. I believe it began with an "H" maybe? Anyone know what this word is? Anyone?

Postcard Meme

I sent out my postcards for the postcard meme from a couple months back. I waited this long on purpose - so you all had forgotten about it. I know some of you have received yours already. I hope you all like them.

Also... for local Seattle people (or those people I will see in the Bay Area next month): I have all of the 2006 issues of Smithsonian. First come, first serve. We meet in a cafe or something like that. I'm not shipping them.

The Dresden Files

For those of you who have read the Dresden File books and watched the premiere of the TV show... Is the TV show even half as the books? Because, I'm really digging the show. If so, those books are next on my reading list.