December 24th, 2006


Merry Holidays...

So far, so good. No pressure to go to church. (Though, apparently the word “agnostic” means “she has doubts” to my family. But, it was cool. They thought I was Wiccan and were ready to just accept that. What an amazing change.) No arguments. General chaos when it comes to cooking for 17 people. Yes. 17 people are staying in this house. It’s huge. Almost 10,000 square feet. I knew my cousin was doing well but this is stunning. Tomorrow there will 22 people here but the extra 5 are not staying overnight.

It is very nice to have a bed. Really nice.

Plus, my cousin asked me how old I was. “You can’t be more than 24, can you?” Heh. Boy, I like her a lot.

I am the apple of my 7 year old niece’s eyes. Really. She hangs on my every word. It’s very cute. I had cuddle duty tonight. It is also very cute to watch the hero worship from my 9 year niece to one of my 13 year old cousins. The 17 year old cousin is very interesting to watch, too. Between Cousin Debbie’s twin girls (13) and old son (17), I’m watching the demographic for my young adult book.

I have to revise some of my ideas to put it mildly.

Merry Holidays to one and all. I am still having a wonderful time. I hope you all are, too.