December 21st, 2006

Warning Stable Strangelets

Chats with my editor friends...

Jenn/Me: I'm beginning to believe, also, that he's never actually looked at the site.

CuteEditorDude: Sure. You mean he's actually supposed to look through the site and read the submission guidelines?

Jenn/Me: Now, you're being a PITA!

CuteEditorDude: Wasn't this a call for superhero stories? Aren't you doing a superhero anthology?

Jenn/Me: I keel joo!

CuteEditorDude: I've got this really great idea about a kid, who gets bitten by a radioactive spider...

Jenn/Me: *stabbity*stabbity* *maim*

CuteEditorDude: You can't hurt me, I have super powers. I'm invulnerable to your pitiful attempts to stab me through your keyboard.

Jenn/Me: "Hello. My name is Jennifer Brozek. You didn't read my guidelines. Prepare to be rejected!"

CuteEditorDude: rotflmao - Ah, I'm in a much better mood now. Thanks, Jenn.

Jenn/Me: You are welcome.