December 8th, 2006

I feel beautiful

Birthday Surprise!

Wow... what an evening. sadiecabaret and her husband treated me to a fabulous evening of pampering. First was an incredible pedicure from Gene Juarez Spa (and they do a better pedicure than the Spa at the Proclub - much to my surprise). I was completely taken aback. No one's ever given me a spa treatment as a gift before. I have pink toenails! I feel so pretty.

Then, they took me to the Purple Café and wine bar where I had a scrumptious meal and lots of good wine. It was a really nice evening out and I felt no guilt at all since I did 3200 decent words today.

Now, I sleep the sleep of the tired and pampered for tomorrow is another day of writing-writing-writing before the party for Ted at the Nexus.