November 20th, 2006

Oujia Board


To get a better view of the big picture, peer narrowly into your own heart.

It's time to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. The stars lift the last remaining restrictions, which means you're free to roam wherever your heart desires. There's nothing more enticing to you than the horizon.

Yeah. This is eerily close to reality. Two more days and I'm free.
I am not a number!

Sometimes Just Too Nice (Or Too Awesome)

I'm gonna chalk this one up under "Not Burning Bridges." My boss will not be here on Wednesday. He asked me if I wanted my last day to be Tuesday. I was all over this idea. Done deal.

Three hours later, thanks to being the awesome tester I am, I killed the product with a show stopper with 100% repro steps. That's what you get when you churn code.

We were supposed to ship today.

Yeah, well. No.

I got asked to be on the SWAT team to deal with the showstopper. Did I say no? Of course not. I said, "Sure. You can have me until 3pm Wednesday. My exit interview is at 3:30 over at Endeavor." It was a reflex.

Ah, well. It's $$ and good will.