November 3rd, 2006

BTiLC Nice Knife

The Merc Tonight!

After a day like today, I really need to go out. There's no way I'm going to get any decent writing done. Not to mention I'm still in discussion with my co-author over a part of the book. We are disagreeing on one point. We'll see what happens.

Today SUCKED at work. I ended up having to flatten my machine at 4pm because of bad software.

Not to mention, I had a very unpleasant and generally unproductive conversation with my brother (about Christmas plans) that was bad enough that I called my parents and dumped the problem on them. I'm not proud that I did that. But, better the level heads that my irrational mouth spouting off.

So. The merc. Tonight. People watching, maybe dancing and much drinking. Come say hello. I promise not to bite unless asked nicely. (And don't ask if you don't actually want to be bit. I bite hard.)