November 1st, 2006

Warning Group Intellect


I sent in my absentee ballot yesterday. If I don't like how this election goes, I have every right to bitch.

If you vote, so do you.

If you don't vote, STFU and sit down. If you choose not to voice your opinion when it matters, I don't want to hear it when it will no longer do anyone any good.

I don't consider voting just a privilege and a right. I consider it a duty.

Yeah. I'm bitchy and opinionated about this.


P.P.S.: If you can't vote for some reason, this mini-rant does not apply to you.
Hidden in Shadows

Halloween Pictures

These are from abneyangel and robert_from_ap's Halloween party.

I am "Lady Yersinia." If you get the reference, kudos! The mask was a huge hit. I really liked it. There is something about a full face mask that intrigues me. I just wish it had not been so heavy.

This is me much later and a wee bit drunk.


Aw, Nuts.

I was so into my writing that I forgot that tonight was LOST night. Crap. Now, it's half over. But, I did get 2500 words written.
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