October 22nd, 2006

Gamer Dice

No Rest for the Wicked

I'm at work. Bleh. I'm grumpy but I got an unexpected email that made me smile. I've spent the last 90 minutes updating Vista and re-configuring my prototype machine. I'm almost done. Let's hope it works. The worst thing about working on weekends is spinning your wheels to get something to work and not being able to actually test.

Forgive me, Cynthia, I have sinned. My boss brought in Krispy Kremes, including my favorite. I could not help myself. But, man, it is good. (I'm still nibbling on it.)

Game last night was good. Better than it has been in a few months and I told fullcontactmuse so. It occurred to me on the drive home that the dynamic relationships between the last remaining regular players would make for a VERY interesting story. All of us are fighting against the big bad and to win, we need to fight it together.

The Characters:
  • Ximena and Percy - in love.
  • Giles and Reigns - loyal to each other.
  • William - Rogue, scoundrel, basically good guy but likes everyone.
  • Von Zarovich - Rogue, scoundrel, basically selfish guy but willing to work with everyone.
  • Markus - Scholar and alone.

    Relationships as I see it:
  • Ximena: Trusts Percy. Wary of William's chaos factor. Wants to trust Giles. Hates Reigns. Likes Von Zarovich. Trusts Markus.
  • Percy: Trusts Ximena. Trusts Markus. Does not trust anyone else. Actively dislikes Giles and Reigns.
  • Giles: Trusts Reigns, Von Zarovich, Ximena. Likes William. Neutral to Markus. Actively dislikes Percy.
  • Reigns: Trusts Giles. Actively dislikes Ximena and Percy. Neutral to everyone else.
  • Von Zarovich: Doesn't actually trust anyone but is willing to go along with everyone because it suits him and his desires.
  • William: Actively likes and trusts everyone. Out for a good time.
  • Markus: Neutral positive to Ximena, Percy (maybe). Neutral to everyone else.
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    Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
    1,800 / 61,000

    Less than 2000 draft zero words this weekend. I had hoped for at least double that. As it turns out, I need to do a lot more research/note taking than expected on this "easy" part of the book. I'm going to have to continue to do so for the entire 8000 word section of the THING. At this rate, it's going to take me all week to get it done.

    What's worse? I know they aren't good words. They need to be polished like crazy.

    Next weekend, I'm not working at MS at all. I'm hunkering down on the THING and that's it.