October 4th, 2006

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth


Dammit. I had one of my recurring dreams where I forget to feed the hamsters (a Teddybear and 2 Russian) for over a month but, somehow, they are all still alive. I gave them food and water and they were happy. This sort of dream is a trigger that I am forgetting to do something I feel is important but it is not too late yet. Only, I don't know what I'm forgetting.

Also, the dream was wrapped around an involved story of my CopyEditorDude giving me white roses, then red roses and then sitting down to talk to me about "stuff." So, I think what I am forgetting involves my writing somehow. Oh, and there was a vine plant that kept trying to wrap itself around my red roses on the mantle.
Gaming - Critical Failure


I have been thwarted again in my quest to back up and transfer my music. This time by the external hard drive I just bought. It's an Iomega USB 2.0, 320 gig HD for both PC and Mac. System requirements say: Mac OS X or above.

What they really mean is Mac OS X version 10.3. What do I have? Version 10.2.8.

"If you are using a version of Mac OS below 10.3, format the drive HFS+ or partition the drive into small volumes. Less than 127GB."

Um. Ok. Which drive and how? I'm assuming the external drive but I'm not sure. Is there a way to upgrade my iBook OS to 10.3?


Edit: Ha! I went to the Iomega website and looked up what I needed. Now Jake, my external hard drive lives! He is named Jake because I'm on a "Dark Tower" naming theme and Jake was a part of two worlds.

Edit 2: Fuck! It does appear that if I set the Iomega to work with my iBook, it won't work with my Dell. I have several choices here. I think I am going to try upgrading my iBook to at least 10.3 and see if I can't use the FAT 32 system. I'm doing this because I think I'm going to have the same problem with other external hard drives in the future if I don't and I have to return this one. *Le Sigh*

Edit 3: Yeah. I'm way screwed. Looks like my best bet is to go ahead and get that new Mac laptop like I've been thinking about for months now. I'm going to transfer all of the important stuff from Princess to Jake as a back up, go buy the new Mac, then see about transfering everything to it. THEN, reformat Jake to work for both the new laptop (probably named Susannah).

Edit 4: OooOoooooh. The black MacBook looks pretty snazzy... I wonder if it is cheaper at the Apple store in Bellevue.