October 3rd, 2006

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The Edge of Propinquity posted to the Ralan list last night. This morning, I have two submissions. The quick turn around tells me that these were stock stories that the authors thought might fit. I hope they actually read the theme for TEoP.

Thinking of TEoP, I completed the November Kendrick story last night, sent it off to the first round reader's group and started on the December Kendrick story, "Warfare & the Rite."

Remember when I said that the SEGA-16 website wanted to interview me? Well, here's the finished product.

Also, I had the most wicked idea for a FFF for this week.

Kitten update: Arwen is in a new home but the twist in procedure seems to have upset some people. Boromir is seems better. Eomer is a hellion. Eowyn is good. Faramir is still worrisome with his eye.