October 2nd, 2006



The kitten report: Still lots of sneezing but less over. Only one kitten with goopy eye (Faramir). One kitten with labored breathing but more active now (Boromir). Galadriel wants out of that room in the worst way. No way kitty-cat. I don't want Esme sick. Arwen still seems well. Eowyn is still the sneezing champ - 5 in a row. Eomer seems only mildly sick.

Overall, they all seem better. I've turned up the heat in the room (my poor PG&E bill) but it is helping a lot. I feel like a terribly foster kitten mommy. I think leaving the room too cool made my kittens sick.

In other random news for the day, the administrator of the SEGA-16 website has contacted me for an interview for his website because he somehow discovered I was a game test for SEGA of America some *mumble*10+*mumble* years ago. I've got ten questions to answer for him.

The Writing Life

Snagged from ecmyers.

The Writing Life by Stephen King. If you liked his On Writing book, you'll like this essay.

The man is spot on. My muses aren't a flea bitten dogs. They are muses like Somnia from The Inspiration of Insanity. They are many and, so far, they are all female. They flitter, tease, tempt, sulk, slap and ignore. So far, they've always come back to me. They are my wenches and I love them. I have to agree with him on the fact that a good writing binge is better than any painkiller out there. I have forgotten illness, heartache, loneliness, the pain of broken bones and migraines while writing. It's my preferred drug.