September 29th, 2006


Last Chance

Swiped from dsknight.

Want to win a signed ARC of jpsorrow's next book? Today's the deadline, and from the sound of it, he hasn't had many entries.

I shouldn't tell you this, because I'm entered, and if all of you jump on board, my chances of winning plummet. But I'm just too nice for my own good sometimes...

So go to, repost in your LJ, and e-mail Joshua so you too can be entered to win.

RPG type reviewers

I'm looking for the top RPG reviewer sites - places that would review card and board games, RPGs, and novels, though not necessarily all together.

Of these reviewer sites, do you have contact information?

Better yet, are YOU a regular reviewer for the site?

If yes to any of the above please comment or email me at the email address in my profile.



I'm feeling pretty productive this evening. In my rough draft for my November Kendrick story for the Edge of Propinquity I just killed off three named characters and drugged the heck out of the fourth. The rough draft is only about 2200 words. I know I need to go back and flesh some stuff out but the meat of the story is there and it is a good one. I really hope that people yell "No!" at the computer screen as the bodies start hitting the floor.

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