September 25th, 2006

BTiLC Huge Buzz

Caffeine Addiction, My Old Friend.

I realize I am well in the throes of my cyclic caffeine addiction. This is the week I break myself of it - this cycle. I have a rule: If I find myself needing my afternoon coffee and craving it more than just as a tasty beverage, I acknowledge my addiction and break it.

I've been a bit slow with the acknowledgement this time around. Thus, I've been getting larger mochas in the morning and getting mochas in the afternoon. On weekends, I've started drinking the "Double Shot" espresso and cream drinks. As in multiple cans. This is a problem.

So, I'm cutting myself off this week. Full stop. No 'cool turkey' for me. No mochas, no sodas. I suspect I'm going to have the mother of all caffeine withdrawal headaches starting this afternoon. I've got my Excedrin ready in anticipation. My goal is at least two weeks of no caffeine.