September 21st, 2006

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Freelancers: Ars Magica Open Call

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From: David Chart <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 09:19:11 +0900
Subject: [WZL] Ars Magica Open Call

We (Atlas Games) are having a open call for Ars Magica freelancers. It's
primarily aimed at fans of the game who want to break into writing, but
it is an *open* call, so anyone interested is welcome to submit for it.

The details are available from:

Feel free to pass this information to anyone you think might be
David Chart
BTiLC Check into a psycho ward

Not restful

What a f*cked up dream. I was "resting my eyes" after work and I had a dream instead. I was on a college campus where a pack of wild dogs were roaming. It was also the MS campus. At first, I was riding around with a female friend in a car and she was on the phone talking to someone about us just leaving some place, that we were lucky and "Poor Gordan" (my boss). It was a good thing we weren't there because she would have had a time of it keeping me in the car and keeping me from trying to save Gordan's dog.

At some point, I got out of the car and was walking. I was having a hard time seeing. There was a film over my eyes. The phone rang and it as Kat, macklinr's girlfriend. "I wanted to talk to you about the email you sent Ryan." Her voice faded out I and kept asking her to speak up. She said she couldn't. I could tell she was crying but I couldn't tell why. I got the feeling they were happy tears but she wouldn't speak up. "Kat, honey, you have to speak louder. I can't hear you. C'mon. Really. Ok. Just tell me if it's good or bad. I need to know if I'm in trouble or not and I can't hear you! C'mon! There are wild dogs on campus and I can't see! Help me out here!"

At that point, I jerked awake because someone started hammering something somewhere nearby.

Now, I'm worried about my Boss's dog (who has been sick) and wondering if I offended Ryan somehow.
Abstract Thoughts


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Zokutou word meter
3,500 / 3,400

I've finished Draft Zero of my Castlemourn mini-project. I'm over, of course. But, I think I'm going to polish it tonight and send it in four days early anyway. Maybe they'll have me do more and I'm procrastinating. I don't want to start the final run on my TEoP Kendrick series because I know a bunch of people are going to die.