September 11th, 2006

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More Silly Bets!

So far, it is just me and sylvan in this round of silly bets. Others may join at any time with their own motivating silly bets to encourage good health and fitness.

This round lasts from September 11, 2006 until December 3, 2006.

For me, my goal is to lose the 20 pounds that I have been (not really) working on for a while. This will put me over the 100 pounds lost in total for my 2 year Banniversary and will set me up for a huge goal for Dundracon 2007.

Win reward #1: If I lose the 20 pounds by December 3, I will go buy myself a new outfit.

Win reward #2: If I lose 30+ pounds by December 3, I will also give myself a half day at the spa.

My problem is that I haven't thought up a sufficiently nasty or scary Lose Punishment to help motivate me. I've given sylvan a really scary one and I know it will be motivating but he won't do the same for me. So, I am turning to you all because I know you are all wickedly evil when you get down to it.

Poll #818551 Help a Girl Out... Be Evil to Me!

What is a good "lose" punishment for me for this silly bet?


Some of you really are evil!

baronlaw - Not into humiliation, sorry.
cooperati - Not very motivating. I want to be able to hike.
jw1776 - Oh, that is wicked. But, after some thought, I don't want to do that to the kids.
bunyip - That's just silly. Let's stay in the realm of feasible and nothing that involves the word "bikini" is feasible.
deirdremoon - Oh, my. I think we have a winner or part of one.
shaharazad - Don't know enough about it to be scared.
almus - Money is too easy for me. It's not motivating.
bluewingedcat - Intriguing but I'm trying to figure out what genre I hate. I guess 'classic romance.'
nikitalynn - That would punish those who like to see a woman in a corset, too. ;p
therobbergirl - Interesting but I will need a new set of bets for DDC.

I have chosen. If I do not make my weight loss goal, I will do the follow:

1. I will give away all of my BPAL collection - imps and 5ml bottles.

2. I will learn to crotchet. Either Willow or my roomie will teach me. Then, I will produce at least two potholders by the end of 2006.

Re: #1 - I am a BPAL addict. I have an extensive 5ml bottle and imp collection. I would be heartbroken to lose them. This would be a big sacrifice for me.

Re: #2 - I really am not that sort of crafty person. But, I promise to learn without killing my teacher and without booting my roommate from the condo. :)