September 5th, 2006


Sometimes, you can.

There's a saying that you can 'never go back' to a cherished place from memory. Not always true. I spent the afternoon and evening on Castro Street in Mountain View. They remembered me at Chef Liu's when I went there for lunch and complimented me on how good I looked. I then went to Dana Street Café where Aaron and I had a nice chat while I wrote up the next FFF (I know I'm not going to have time between now and next Friday) as well as an Abstract Thoughts that will have to be published after I get back from vacation.

Then, it was off to meet Monte at Sono Sushi. Man, it was good to see him and just talk. Good to watch his facial expressions and body language. I enjoy hanging out with him so much. We ended the evening with a walk to the Bean Scene and hung out by the Center for Performing Arts. It was really pretty and the weather was mild. I remembered to pick up Hans' game and Monte is letting me borrow a book that I am to give to Hans after I've finished reading it.

There are some people I wish I had a way to see more often and Monte is one of them. It is always worth the effort to see him.

So far, this vacation is everything I wanted it to be. Tomorrow, I'm spending the afternoon with Rich, then a group of us are headed out to La Fondue.