August 30th, 2006


Kittens and my vacation...

River and Kaylee seem a little bit out of sorts now that Simon and Zoe are gone. They are more insistent about seeing people and I find it cute if a bit noisy. I know some of my friends are interested in the two kittens. If you are and know my roommate and can work within his schedule, you can come visit the kittens. Obviously, my roomie can't give the OK for adoption. However, he can let you meet the kittens and see if you guys get along.

Kaylee knows no fear at all. She will be all over you. River is a wait-and-see kind of kitten. Give her 10 minutes to warm up to the idea of you. Then, pull out the string monster or laser bug. Once she warms up to you, she will be all over you, too.

As soon as I get back from vacation, I will be putting Kaylee and River up on Petfinder.
Mine! Mine! Mine!

It's signed.

The loan to be accessed to help support my Writing Year is signed, sealed and delivered. I'm trying very hard right now not to be sick. I should be really happy. That was it. That was the last hurdle. I am free to write as soon as this MS contract is over. I have every 'I' dotted and every 'T' crossed. But, my stomach is insisting that there are at least 2500 butterflies in it and is having gravity shifts.

Holy crap. It's done.

I think I need to call my mom.