August 28th, 2006


Voice Post: Simon and Zoe are on their way to their forever home.

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“Well, I'm here at the Seattle Animal Shelter. I've just dropped off Zoe and Simon. Um. They will be going home with Darren and Cindy tonight. ... Um. .... Sometimes it still makes me sad to drop off the kittens but I know they're going to a really good home who spoil them rotten... and if I really want to I can still see them or at least hear about them since Darren and Cindy are friends of friends. .... But, sometimes, it still hurts.”

Transcribed by: gaaneden

Name that Deity!

Do you want to help build the world of Kendrick in TEoP? Now is your chance! I need to reference a deity in an upcoming story. This reference will affect the way the rest of a particular faction in Kendrick works and acts. I am looking for a dark, little known deity - the bloodier, the better. Recommend a deity for me and affect the world of Kendrick.

EDIT: Please make this an established deity in an established pantheon that people used to or still worship. I need to be able to research the deity for information.

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